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Thursday, July 12, 2012

frugal living and sailing through instability

Job hunting in Sri Lanka is worse than losing your virginity - why do I say this is because even after losing your virginity there are plenty of takers excited at the thought of experience, but in the case of a job hunt for mature people the restrictions narrow down to such a slim extend that what is left is worse than bread crumbs ! :(

I have been hunting for full time work since the last three months. I will be very candid in writing in here that the three months I pulled through without a steady income gave me enough time to attend countless job interviews. The drama that unfolded during those very formal moments were something that I have been reflecting on the why's, what if's and how come's ..hmmph quite tiring I must say...

The truth is there is no place in the job market in Sri Lanka for an old goose like me. I guess in the minds of employers we tend to look like nothing but trouble - and the real trouble is insecurity for mature employees usually being more smarter than the very youthful looking top dons now running most of Colombo's upcoming enterprises. Sadly I have reached that stage in the human phase where rejections are more than acceptance and the reason is just being older :( ..It doesn't bother me the least, actually what stresses me is the stinking attitudes of many Sri Lankan top dons. I recently saw a stunning photo of an ex teenage prostitute now turned a super model in one of our Sunday newspapers. For a split second I thought I was staring at a new model of the Barbie doll but on reading the comment I realized she was alive and going great guns !. Maybe I need to learn the art of sounding dumb or developing curves close enough to match Barbie..Out of the two options, learning to look dumb would be easier and faster than trying to give it a go at the second (I am sure gonna break my other knee - one collapsed after extreme exercise and was fixed)

The Sri Lankan dons want more of looks and less of brains and I do see that there are an increasing number of job adverts asking for photos of the candidate. I don't get it do you need more of brains, boobs or butts to run the enterprise ? I have all of them but it's not shaped in the way the live barbie doll has hers. So what is my problem ? Nothing major !!! except I don't understand how brains can be just shoved aside for curves and shapes eh ? I ain't surprised to now see why many Sri Lankan enterprises choke under the pressure of employees intellectually challenged and are not competent to do a job. That's why we have Anarkali's, Paba's, Geetha's, Malini's Sanath's sitting at the top and talking their curves out ! Well all of them aside in the regular workplace I find there are plenty of the Sri Lankan equivalent of the pretty dumb blonde whose brains tick at the speed of a galapagos tortoise and keeps this old goose wondering as to whether it will ever tick at all. :(

I only wish I was financially stable enough to just lounge at home, spend most of my hours on long road trips, read, and just do anything to stay off from this new trend in the workplace insanity. BUT this goose is as poor as a church mouse and needs a steady pay cheque to come her way. I got no choice but just deal with this baloney in the name of money. and so I put up with different new insanities that generously rolls into my life and end up very worn out and more tensed than I have been. Its because I see no direction nor vision.having to work with these nitwits. It's the same bullsh** everywhere and it really is nerve wrecking.

There is so much hype about the country being on a threshold towards the golden runway of development, opening towards achieving more and being new trendsetter not forgetting the rosy statement that its poised to be the miracle of Asia blah blah blah. I don't understand how can we soar like an eagle when we have a farm full of turkeys and chickens eh ? anyone got the answer ?

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